Elfquest Fan Film

Back in the early 80’s I found comic books. Now I had been reading them before that time, but the same way any kid does…tear through the superhero books and try and figure out the Archie comics (pre-teen understanding of girls).

But one day while I was at my friend Don Hoffmans house he showed me some comics that his mom read. That statement alone was odd, but these comics were unlike anything I had seen before. They were oversized, black and white, and the most engaging stories. It was truely at that point that I found comic books for the first time. And lord knows, my future would not be the same.

Elfquest is not about your traditional elves, and in many ways the characters depicted have no similarity to elves that we all know other than the pointy ears. The species is actually a space faring folk that land on a primitive earth like planet. At that point the visitors shaped themselves into what we consider ‘high elves’ to walk amongst the humans. But there was another species here, a cro-magnon proto human (called trolls) that caused their ship to crash, trapping the visitors on the planet.

The stories in Elfquest take place a 1000 years later when the elves have broken into different groups, some more accepting and embracing of their new home and others still holding onto the old ways. The ‘Wolfriders‘ are more a mix of what we think of as elves and druid/native american philosophys. They are the main focus in the books.

Over the years, there has been plenty of rumors and attempts at an Elfquest movie (and TV show). But really no success. In the 90’s there was a direct to video moving comic animated feature, but even I passed on that. But it looks like some fans have taken it upon themselves to work on a film.

You can read all about the project and watch the trailer at Elfquest: A Fan Imagining. They have the full blessing by the creators of the comic series, Richard and Wendi Pini. I wish them the best, if nothing else they have the best looking elves I have ever seen!

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