Dr Who Web Game Coming!

Good news for the Dr Who fans out there, BBC is releasing free downloadable video games based on adventures of the new Matt Smith Doctor. These will be released along with 4 web episodes coming out in the new season. The BBC is really pushing that this season won’t have 13 episodes of Dr Who but rather 17 since the webisodes are integrated into the timeline (redundant?).

Here is the official press release:

The Doctor, Amy and some of Doctor Who‘s most iconic monsters will be making a journey from TV to home computers, as the BBC unveils Doctor Who – The Adventure Games, four original “interactive episodes”, which will be made available for free from bbc.co.uk/doctorwho.

These four new adventures will take the form of downloadable computer games available for PC and Mac, in which players assume control of The Doctor and Amy as they embark on new adventures which complement the new TV series.

The episodes will be free downloadable games for the PC and Mac. The script of the game is being penned by Phil Ford and James Moran, who contributed to the Water of Mars, and Children of the Earth storylines for the Dr. Who and Torchwood series. Here is a trailer for the game:

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