Did Redshirts REALLY Die More Often on TOS??

Last week, we posted photos of Gabby French on StarTrek.com and on the StarTrek.com Facebook page (click HERE). Perhaps you remember the shots. They featured French, a stunning model, posing in a red Trek-esque skirt, and it ran as part of John Eaves’ guest blog. In fact, Eaves regularly includes shots from his popular Red Dress pin-up-style photo series with each of his guest blogs for StarTrek.com. Fans went bonkers, lamenting what a loss it would be for the galaxy if French succumbed to the red shirt curse, which assumes that pretty much anyone sporting red will be dead in the very immediate future.

Well, guess what? French and many, many red shirts like her, particularly those of the fictional kind, as seen within the original Star Trek show, are safe. In fact, they’re safer than those wearing other colors.

via StarTrek.com

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