Christopher Nolan Can’t Quit Anne Hathaway, Recruits Her For ‘Interstellar’

Anne Hathaway

Christopher Nolan’s next film as a director, Interstellar, is something of a mystery. We know that it was originally set up by Steven Spielberg, that it has something to do with wormholes and time travel, and that Jonathan Nolan was brought on board to write the initial script, but any sort of plot or character specifics have been closely guarded. Lately some casting news regarding the sure-to-be-huge blockbuster has started to leak though.

Early reports that Matthew McConaughey had been offered the lead role in the film have now been confirmed, and he seems to be officially signed. And now Deadline is breaking the scoop that Nolan is negotiating with Anne Hathaway to come on board and play whatever the female lead is. Hathaway, of course, was Nolan’s pick to play Catwoman in the capper of his Dark Knight trilogy, and hers was a casting that initially drew some criticism, but that eventually turned out to be one of the things that worked the best in The Dark Knight Rises, so it should be interesting to see what the actor and director are able to accomplish together on a second go-around, if the negotiations end up going well.

Of course, as was often mentioned when McConaughey’s name first started getting whispered about for this project, Nolan’s position in the film business is so large at this point that you don’t really say no to him when he wants you for one of his movies, so probably we can jump to the conclusion that the Hathaway casting is a done deal. The only question that really remains is if Hathaway is going to be able to show the same spark of charisma that she showed as Catwoman when she’s wearing a lab coat and explaining the science of wormholes on the …read more

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