C2E2 Day Two * Johnny’s View

Well it has been an exhausting day at McCormick Place. Not only at the convention center but around town. And we really haven’t stopped until this weeks podcast was finished being recorded around 2am this morning.

The day started out well with a good breakfast and a lovely trip on the local bus to the convention center. Okay, strike that last part…our bus had someone previously throw up on it and it was NASTY smelling. But at least the breakfast was good before that. Welcome to Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (that’s me with my arms raised)!

I ran through most of the panels we attended today in individual posts. Overall we were impressed with the various companies and what they had to offer. All the comic publishers had some type of freebie to hand out. And DC really broke the bank by handing out about 15 of their newest comics, very cool!

At the Marvel booth we were graced by their editor in chief Joe Quesada. He was busy with an interview at the time but was very friendly with the fans. Oh, and they had some booth babes handing out comics and even Spider-Man showed up for a bit!

The Dark Horse booth had a special BPRD event going on, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense from the Hellboy universe. We got honorary agent badges and pins. They also had Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy and Guy Davis, one of the major artists in his books, signing items. Great couple of guys. Another cool item they had at the booth was a mini-bust from the TV show Dexter showing Dexter looking at a piece of evidence while holding a knife behind his back. This statue will be released this fall.

On one side of the show they also had two vehicles on display, the classic Batmobile and the Delorian from Back to the Future. Very cool displays even if poor Batman looked quite cold in this tights.

Kevin entered a raffle for a custom tattoo to be inked on Sunday. Unfortunately he did not win, but the money went to charity so its still kinda a win…even if it was my $5!

After a long day of hanging out at the convention center we headed out for some time on the town. I have to say Chicago is definitely growing on me, hope to spend more time here in the future.

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