C2E2 day one wrap up * Kevin’s views

OK, here are the blunt points and tiny bits of info we got today. We did a lot of wandering around… there wasn’t much that WE heard that got us terribly excited. Sure, some news came out. I just did a little search and nothing major and earth shattering. So what did we learn?

Well, we saw an OFFICIAL Doctor who 10th doctor replica jacket being sold for $300. Yeah, we thought “what the f*ck” too.

My favorite web comic, Cyanide and Happiness have a second book coming out. They say it’s due at the publisher in two days and they’re way behind.

I spoke with Jacen Burrows, artist from the great comic “Crossed”, and he says the continuation, “Crossed: Family Values” (released by Avatar Press), is way way darker.  David Lapham “has some kind of family issues”.  I could tell he was impressed.  The new book launches next week.  I took a peek at it and it looks great!  We may have a special C2E2 exclusive copy to give away later!

Johnny did a great write up on the Mike Mignola panel we attended.  If you haven’t read it already, you can find it here.

We also attended a panel about movies being made from comic books.  The main news out of there (and keep in mind these were not Marvel or DC people) was that a lot of the smaller publishers were selling rights and being culled for their stories.  They said to keep an eye on Blood Fire Comics’ “Kinder Goth”, which is in the works to become an animated series.

That’s all from today! Keep an eye here for more news (like a day 2 wrap up) and you can see me tweeting like mad on twitter by following @fantsinpants.

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