C2E2 Day One * Johnny’s Views

Today was a full day for us, and it started out as a big pile of poop! And really not talking about Kevin this time.

First I cost us about an hour by having to head back to the car after getting half way to McCormick Place on the subway. My old age is creeping up on me since I had forgotten my badge and the flyers for Fan Rants there. Not only that but I dropped my phone and lost the battery cover onto the train tracks. Definately not a good start for the day.

But once we got back on the train we ran into one C2E2 fan heading into town from the airport. Obviously it was a treat for the Cub fans heading to the game and the business people heading to work to find a Ghostbuster on the train with them.

After a very meandering journey from the Blue Line to McCormick Place, involving a nice walk and a bus ride, we arrived ready to have a great time. And Kevin was already beaming with his fancy Press Pass swinging around his neck.

We headed to the special Kick Ass autograph session and were lucky to get the last 2 passes to get in. Maybe our luck was changing after all! We also ran into a couple of really cool guys in line who had shared some of our DragonCon adventures in the past. Not that we had known them before, but we do now. In fact go check out evilsteveproductions.com and give them some support.

The autograph session went quick with everyone being greeted by Aaron Johson (Kick Ass), Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Red Mist). Very pleasant kids, I wish them the best in their upcoming careers.

For the next few hours we just wondered the exhibit hall and took in some of the costumers and checked out the warez for sale. All the major publishers were on site pushing their comics and toys. There is a nice artist alley setup with a plethora of famous and not so famous comic artists. And a good selection of your favorite webcomic publishers are on hand.

One interesting thing that I have not seen at other cons is a section for Tattoo artists to setup and sell their services. I think this is an awesome idea as there is a great crossover traffic between the fans.

We caught a couple of panels near the end of the day, but by that time we were exhausted. But no matter how tired we are right now…Saturday should really put us through our paces.

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