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Just got the official announcement from MediumAtLarge about the NYCC tickets going up in price May 15th. If your like me and have souly missed the show (to long between them!), then be sure to grab your tickets soon. Here is the press release.

Get Your Tickets Now!
Early Bird Pricing Ends May 15th!

Hey there all you crazy kids! This is NYCC Show Manager Lance Fensterman giving you the weekly behind-the-scenes glimpse at what’s going on in the world of the New York Comic Con. This week we want to encourage you to take advantage of the Early Bird ticket pricing! In just 10 days it’s going to expire and the price will go up!

More importantly, we want you to know we’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. We want to show you how much we care, so we’re planning something special for you…it’ll be a surprise, but trust us, it’s going to knock your socks off. I’m not saying we’re going to start announcing our over-the-top guest list next week, but you’ll have to check back in 7 days to see…

Early Bird Ticket Pricing For NYCC 2010 Ends May 15

Are you planning on going to the New York Comic Con this October? Have you been putting off buying your ticket for no reason at all, even though you know you’re going? Well, step on the gas, because ticket prices are going up on May 15th.

Early Bird pricing ends on May 15th and we really want you to get your passes before the price increases! We’re even going to make it easy for you. Just click here, fill out the registration form and bing bang boom – we’ll see you October 8th – 10th!

Don’t forget to keep up with the latest NYCC news on our official blog — Medium at Large — as well as follow the show on twitter — @ny_comic_con.

Tickets for NYCC are on sale now!

Lance Fensterman
Show Manager
New York Comic Con

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