Bryan Burk Hints Next Star Trek Movie Could Arrive In 2016 – In Time For 50th Anniversary

One of the big questions for Trekkies is how long will we have to wait for the next movie following Star Trek Into Darkness? According to producer Bryan Burk, it may not be four years (like the wait since 2009′s Star Trek). He is now hinting the next Trek could be out in time for the 50th anniversary of the franchise in 2016.

Next Star Trek as soon as 2016?
On Friday Star Trek Into Darkness producer (and JJ Abrams’ partner in Bad Robot  Productions) Bryan Burk was in London to show European press the same 38 minutes of the movie he shared with the Latin American press in Brazil earlier in the week (seeTrekMovie spoiler article from that event). In London Burk spoke to Digital Spy about Into Darkness and he also talked about the future of the franchise, hinting that we may not have to wait to long for the next Star Trek…

Given that the Gene Roddenberry series debuted in 1966 and we’ve just had a huge Bond 50-year anniversary celebration – has Paramount been talking to you about making a 2016 release date for the next Star Trek film?
“We’re definitely talking about the next one, but we haven’t talked about a release date. We don’t want to wait four years, the same amount of time between the last one and this one, but it’s going to be a big year to celebrate, hopefully.”

So Bad Robot will still be able to balance working on both Star Trek and Star Wars?
“Yeah. Obviously they’re completely different universes, they’re completely different films. The only thing in common is the word ‘Star’, which is why we’re going to do the Ringo Starr movie as well. We’ll corner the market!”

Burk also talked about the kind of Star Trek references in Into Darkness that only the fans will recognize…

You created a new timeline with Star Trek in 2009, will there be a lot of referencing back to the original series and movies for those fans?
“Yes, one of the things is that the movie will always be for Star Trek fans. In the process of all us five producers working together, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof, to a slightly lesser extent, are crazy-hardcore Trekkies. They understand the world so we had long conversations where they put things in and would be laughing hysterically. I had no clue why they were! There are tonnes of references and nods.”

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