Bill Willingham Panel – C2E2!

I am at the Bill Willingham panel right now and I am stoked. Bill has been a comic creator for just about forever. Currently he is best known for his Fables series from Vertigo Comics, a DC Comics imprint. Fables for me is a Gateway Comic, in the sense that I can give it to a non-comic book reader and they will come back wanting more and more. In fact I have done that and have no shame for it!

Today he dropped some great news (spoilers ahead).

The upcoming Fables issues will be all about Rose Red and her recovery after loosing Boy Blue. This story arc will go for 5 issues and finish with Rose leading the animals of the farm into battle.

Another excellent bit of news is that there are two busts coming out, one for Bigsby and one for Snow. Both were shown to us and look great. Also they are putting out an updated Fables Covers edition collecting the first 75 issues. This is great news as the last covers edition is long sold out.

We also got a sneak on the next Jack of Fables storyline with a cover showing the Page sisters all in Charlie Angels battle poses. The real huh moment on that cover was due to one of the sisters cradling a baby, but who’s baby is it? Bill was not willing to revel that.

One of the questions asked of Bill was which Fables characters do you like to write about the most, he said Snow and Bigsby. This shouldn’t be a big surprise to the fans of the book, but one thing did strike us as odd, he said that Snow White was to be married in an upcoming Fables issue. But she is already married to Bigsby…dang him and his vague spoilers!

There were a lot of Wizard of Oz fans in the audience and they asked if they would be seeing more of their characters soon. Bill stated that Dorothy would be showing up soon in a big way later on and other characters would continue to be seen in the books.

Sometime last year we got news out of Hollywood that ABC had picked up the writes to Fables for a TV show. Unfortunately when Bill was asked about that he said that there is no news on the TV series and in fact made it sound like there was SO much dead air about it that its like it never was talked about in the first place. Guess we shall see.

His first prose novel based on the Fables universe came out last year with Peter & Max. He said that Peter will be showing up in the Fable comics in the future. Oh, and the next prose Down the Mysterly River was sold to Tor books recently. It is actually an old book that he had published a long time ago that he picked back up and rewrote. It’s about Max the Wolf, a young man who is sent to the wrong afterlife due to his name causing him to be mistaken as an animal. So its off to the animal afterlife for him. It’s a Young Adult book and sounds interesting. It is not tied into fables, but there are some pinpoint (non official) connections.

This was by far one of my favorite panels just because I am in love with the material so much. Here are some links for fans to check out!

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