Big Head Hammond Is Green Lanterns Villian

So it looks like we may know who Ryan Reynolds will be tussling with in the Green Lantern movie next year, Hector Hammond. The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Hector will be played by Peter Sarsgaard, best known to me for his role in Jarhead and K-19. This comes just about a week after it was announced that Blake Lively was cast as Carol Ferris in the film.

For those of you not familiar with Hector Hammond, he is a pretty petty criminal who stumbles upon a meteorite that causes him to ‘evolve’, basically super increasing his intellect. Now a side effect in the comic is the fact that his head is enlarged also. Looks goofy actually, but in the 60’s that was a good thing for supervillains. Not sure how they will play that up in the movie or maybe skip it all together.

He’s a good villain for Green Lantern and it’s probably not best to pop GL’s nemesis Sinestro in the first movie. Sure he will be in the second film (am I getting ahead of myself?).

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