BBC Planning To Announce New Doctor Who Star In August Or September

The Radio Times was published by the BBC until 2011 and the ties are still strong. When they have a BBC news piece to report, you can take it pretty seriously.

This afternoon the RT are saying that the BBC will most likely reveal the new star of Doctor Who just ahead of filming on the Christmas special. This would mean, their nameless sources say, that we’ll be getting official word in August or September.

I was wondering if it might be a lot longer. The reason to announce an actor before filming begins is typically to beat paparazzi pictures. I can tell you that several stars in the anniversary special still remain under wraps, unannounced as they were filmed in complete secrecy. Well… near complete secrecy.

To extrude this point, it might also be so that the new Doctor has a key role in the Christmas special and won’t just turn up in a closed-set, last minute regeneration. Or maybe they’ll be filming the regeneration in the middle of Oxford Street or Spaghetti Junction.

Bleeding Cool has certain expectations about the new casting. We’ll leave it at our previous comments, for now, but we will keep out ear to the ground and tell you what else we hear.

Via: Bleeding Cool Comic News+

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