Avatar opens internationally at $228 million

All you Navi fans must have braved the cold to go see the newest sci-fi blockbuster. Should I call it a blockbuster? Well that may be to soon, but it certainly did well its first weekend, with $228 million in international ticket sales and $77.9 million in US sales (via Variety). With that much domestic, it now has now set the record for a December released film.

But as we all know, many horses (and no, not making racial comments about the Navi) come out of the gate fast but quickly fall to last place. The reviews are strong though, with IMDB having a user rating of 8.9/10 and Rotten Tomatoes giving it 84%, its possible that Cameron may keep it at the top of the box office for a few more weeks.

I had planned on seeing it on Saturday, even pre-bought the ticket for an IMAX showing, but the weather Gods were against me and kept me at home instead. Hope to catch it this week sometime though, gotta see if the hype lives up!

And to whomever thought up the Coke-Zero cross promotion…use spell check next time!

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