Adventure Time Swords

For seasons one and (most of) two of Adventure Time, Finn and his Golden Sword (dubbed Scarlet in the Nintendo game) found themselves in all sorts of scrapes, scrambles, and (it must be said) adventures. And using the swords keen(ish) edge and Finn’s willingness to swing it at things, the two survived them all. Sure Scarlet was turned all four dimensional and then destroyed in a black hole explosion-thingie, but that can’t stop you from enjoying your own – with an Adventure Time Finn’s Sword.

Each Adventure Time Finn’s Sword is twenty-four inches of evil-busting, butt-kicking, action-inducing, black hole-‘sploding, algebraic, plastic fun. Perfectly sized for a kid or medium-sized adult hand, each Adventure Time Finn’s Sword is ready for action. Of course, they’re really meant for adventurous decoration and not smacking together, because that would be dangerous, and the show is called Adventure Time and notDangerous Time. Got it? Math to yo momma.

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  1. Amy Bailey
    June 8, 2013 at 6:50 AM

    Another thing to add to the watching list.

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