7 Superheroes Who Could (and Should) Get Their Own Arrow-style TV Shows

arrow-cw-tv-show[1]It’s still a little weird to say out loud, but The CW‘s Green Arrow show Arrow is good. Like, really good. Like, a perfect match of superheroics, accessibility and non-superheroic drama for mass audiences, and with no need for budget-busting special effects. It’s possibly the perfect superhero TV show, and it got us thinking: What other superheroes could benefit from the same treatment? Because Arrow does have a treatment — it’s following three rules that any comic-based TV series would be wise to obey:

• It can’t be too special effects-heavy, i.e. too expensive.
• It can’t rely too heavily on comics mythology, i.e. too off-putting for non-nerds.
• It has to have something other than the superhero stuff for mass audiences to get into.

With these in mind, here are seven superheroes that could utilize –- but also deserve — their own Arrow-esque TV series.…read more

Via: io9

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